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Restoring Your Shrink Wrap Machine

A Professional Rebuilder of Shrink Wrap Equipment

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BCR is a rebuilder of used Shanklin, Texwrap, and Arpac shrink wrap equipment. No expense is spared when refurbishing these pieces of equipment. Great time and effort is spent in returning these machines to like new running condition so they can give you many hours of trouble free operation and production. With the prices of new equipment today why spend the big bucks for new equipment when you can get a quality refurbished piece for aproximatley half the price of new or lower.

BCR is not a reseller of other peoples equipment so you don’t have to worry about getting a piece of junk that you have no idea where it came from or what the history or running ability of the machine was. All machines you see on this site are owned by BCR Inc. So have the upmost confidence in our equipment because we restore our machines with the TLC they deserve so it is done right.

BCR’s facility is located in Independence Missouri where we have easy access to the Midwest packaging markets. The close proximity of interstate 70 enables us to ship readily to other places in the country.

You are invited to visit our facilities in Independence Missouri and then you will see for yourself that we can demonstrate BCR’s winning formula with remanufacturing currently underway.

So if your looking for an alternative to new but want a quality used rebuilt piece of equipment. Give BCR a call or write today.

Please take the time to review our inventory list and pictures.Please don’t hesitate to contact BCR with any questions at all.