Our Current Inventory

Year Mfr. Machine Model # Description Condition Price
2002 Shanklin Shanklin A27ASS SOLD!!! Totally refurbished Stainless Steel Shanklin A27ASS. Whole new infeed components with new infeed motor also and a ton of other new parts. Basically a new machine. Also comes with a painted scrap winder also. excellent call
1999 Shanklin Shanklin T-7HSS SOLD Used Shanklin T-7HSS in good running condition Good call
2000 Shanklin Shanklin F-1 SOLD!! Just finished 2000 Shanklin F-1 rebuilt from the ground up. New bearings, chains, hot knifes, belts, plastics, all the goodies. like new and ready to run packages. also has the favored Saber Side Seal system. excellent call
1999 Shanklin Shanklin A26A SOLD!!! Just finished Shanklin A26A ready for service. Hot Knife and closing conveyor options. New infeed motor and scrap puller motor and new bearings and belts and knifes and many other new parts. Excellent Condition!! excellent call
2000 Shanklin Shanklin T-7XLSS SOLD!!! Stainless T-7 Tunnel in very good condition good call
2009 Shanklin Shanklin A27A SOLD!! Just finished 2009 Shanklin A27A with pacing conveyor section. All new parts just like new. excellent call
2000 Shanklin Shanklin F-5 SOLD!!!Just Completed Shanklin F-5. Totally gone through and replaced all chains, pneumatics, belts, knifes, bearings, chains, plastics and much more. Like New!!! excellent call
2001 Shanklin Shanklin F-1 SOLD!!! Now complete totally rebuilt 2001 Shanklin F-1. This is a great machine and it has the rare option with the 23" wide seal bar which makes it nice for running larger packages if desired. This machine has been rebuilt from top to bottom even with a new drive motor. Machine has hot knife option and has the preferred Saber side seal system. Great Machine!!!!! excellent call